The Corporate World

The neck-tie is but a leash for the corporate world
Pulled tight around neck
Day begins, nine and five are distant friends
Security tags clipped tight to black shining belts
Glimmer and Shimmer under fluorescent light
The instant boil boils and screen savers flicker on deserted screens.
‘Cross’, ‘up’, and ‘suggestive’ sell before spilling like billiards from concrete towers to buffets and cafés
Foccacia, flat white, ignite
Tucked away in dark alleys aside dumpsters, nicotine hits are sucked in
Before returning through spinning glass mouths and elevator shafts to financial sanctuary
Cheap carpet swirls and whirl’s down channels of desks and PC’s
Hot Styrofoam cups handled carefully, escorted cautiously back to cluttered desks
As the air conditioning distantly hums above the stark fluorescent light of the corporate world

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