The Exam

I sit perched above a sea of many words

In the desk lamp light it shimmers

My mind clicks and shudders on a rollercoaster of motivation and intermission

It thirsts for knowledge, whilst rejecting it

Words, words everywhere, but not a drop it will drink

Like some temperamental beast it remembers only what it chooses

As I am pounded wave after wave, left battered and bruised on the beach of knowledge

On quiet incisive nights, off guard I try to catch it

Using tricks and antics, to force and tame it into complete remembrance

But in turn the beast fools me

I know not quite what it may belch when the crucial moment arrives

Like poor-quality sponge, old and well used, it retains very little

Only in merriment it soaks in my important thoughts

Only in merriment it brings them to surface, like some drowned, bloated body of reflection

It simply makes rough notes judging what it jots down with its heavy Pen

For the mind is a great black beast, as it sits up there in it’s ever important chair

Laughing at my actions

Laughing at my stupidity

Mocking my utter soul as it dresses me in motley

Playing evil and childish games with emotion, from jealousy to deep depression.

It tears and throws me about the stage of life

For it is the director, I am the actor

But at times, we confront face, to inner face

I and it will join as friends

We have a talk, a drink, a laugh, a cry

A slow and lulled conversation through the smoke-filled room of my head

We both kick up our heals, swear to be friends forever

Swear to work together

That is until the next exam.

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