Welcome. Are you ready to take the Road Less Travelled?

So often in life, we get stuck. We blindly accept what society tells us is the norm and we go about living our lives in safe and predictable ways. Sometimes, we yearn for something more but we feel scared to take a risk and do something completely new. The problem is that there’s always a clear, obvious path guiding us to the safe and mundane, so we choose the easy option. But, sometimes we need to step off the main road and take the path less-trodden if we want to open our minds and have experiences that enrich our lives.

Road Less Travelled is about experiences that are gained from embracing the unknown and wandering off the main road of life. It’s about times when we experience things that challenge our values and beliefs and force us to step out from beyond what we think we know and into a realm where we experience something incredible and life-changing.

The most obvious way to do this is travel and this is indeed one of the most important things we can do. However, the Road Less Travelled is not just about a physical journey, exploring places and countries but it’s also a spiritual one that journeys through philosophy, psychology, culture and more.

I hope that you too will find something here that inspires you and sets you on your own journey along the Road Less Travelled. I did, and that has made all the difference.

Ben Farrell