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  1. Why Can’t I Hold the Things I Love?
  2. Social Media: The New Mob Mentality?
  3. The Magical, Mystical Island that Actually Exists: Coron
  4. Is Creativity Dangerous?
  5. Pain is Not ‘Character Building’, It’s a Warning System
  6. Is Karma Fair?
  7. Trump: Evidence that the Law of Attraction Doesn’t Discriminate?
  8. Duality: The Danger of Choice



1. Why Can’t I Hold the Things I Love?

This piece discusses how, for the first time in history, things that were once physical objects and now becoming completely intangible. Technological advances such as music streaming and digital photography have taken things that were once matter (records, printed photographs etc.) and turned them into non-matter as they’re converted into ones and zeros. The piece speaks from a nostalgic point of view, missing these physical objects and asks how we’re to leave such intangible, sentimental items to our children.

“…The world seemed to change overnight and now, none of these things are tangible. I can’t hold anything with my clumsy and sweaty hands. I can’t wipe the dust off old photos or carefully place a needle in motion on a spinning record. I no longer count the dollar bills in my wallet before physically handing them over for a new purchase. Instead, I swipe arbitrary plastic before I’m allowed to take my goods… My kinesthetic world has gone.” Read More


2. Social Media: The New Mob Mentality?

This piece examines the notion of mob or herd mentality in the context of social media and online groups. It explores the notion that it’s now easier than ever to lose one’s sense-of-self and social responsibility and slip into the dark world of the mob. Internet bullying is getting worse as people sit anonymously behind keyboards attacking others and saying things they would never actually say to another human being in person. 

There’s a new mob mentality forming. An anonymous, negative, collective consciousness that greys and smudges the crisp horizons between actions and personal accountability. Now, cowards sit behind illuminated screens, their beady eyes dark and spiteful as they clack at keyboards with numb, fat fingers. They incite hate as they comment, troll and bully through careless words and ignorant opinions. Read More


3. The Magical, Mystical Island that Actually Exists: Coron

This is an experiential travel piece about exploring the incredible and isolated islands off Coron in Palawan Philippines. Tales of emerald-blue ocean, white sand beaches, coral forests and so much more.

“…Our boat pushes out from the pier and we begin to ride gentle deep blue waves as we head towards the giant limestone cliffs of Coron island. Our first destination is Kayangan Lake and it’s not long before we slip in between the dark grooved rocks of a headland. The engine’s cut and we glide silently into a bay of vivid emerald. It’s like a hidden lagoon in a place you only dream about. A place you thought couldn’t exist anymore in this over-populated commercial world. Well, it does and it’s Coron Island.” Read More


4. Is Creativity Dangerous?

This piece explores the fact that most talented artists and influential figures throughout history have all been somewhat eccentric and crazy. It asks the question of which came first, was it eccentricity that led to creativity or is turning a little cooky a by-product of creative expression? The piece then examines if perhaps, to truly express yourself creatively, one must ascend to a different level and by doing so, they lose touch with reality.

“Do you need to be ‘f*#ked-up’ up to be creative? Do you need to endure some form of suffering before you can really express yourself ‘creatively?’ Look at some of the great artists and you will find they were all nutters. Salvador Dali, Vincent Van Gough, Picasso… Just to name a few.” Read More

People are very good at filling our mind with suggestive passiveness that influences us to stay in shitty situations when really we should take action to get out!

5. Pain is Not ‘Character Building’, It’s a Warning System

This piece explores the notion of pain and societies obsession with framing pain as character building. Phrases such as ‘no pain, no gain’ and ‘nothing worth having is ever easy’ and drummed into our brains as children causing a brainwashing. This becomes dangerous especially when we apply the same notions to mental health. By telling people with mental health issues to ‘harden up’ we feed the stigma around issues of mental health.

It seems that, whether you’re an athlete or not (which most of us aren’t), people expect you to ‘push through the pain’. We could be depressed, anxious, laying in bed each night distraught, however, just like if we were cycling up a giant hill to the glory of a finish line, we’re encouraged to ‘persevere’…. The only problem is that with matters of the mind, there’s often no reward for pushing through the pain. Read More


6. Is Karma Fair?

This piece explores the idea of karma and suggests that it’s not nearly as simple as most people think. Karma is multi-layered and complex. It also asks the question – who is the ultimate judge or karmic action and how do we know this ‘judge’ is calibrated!

“It seems that a belief in Karma whether within a religious context or not is somewhat innate in humans. There’s something deep down, lurking within our primitive subconscious…  An ancient and perhaps irrational notion that tells us, surely ‘bad’ people will eventually get what they ‘deserve’. You see, whether religious or not, people seem to believe that you will indeed ‘reap what you sow’.” Read More


7. Trump: Evidence that the Law of Attractions Doesn’t Discriminate?

This article looks at the idea of attracting good things to yourself through positive thinking and affecting the ‘Law of Attraction’ (LoA). However, the key theme in this piece is the belief that even dickheads (like Trump) seem to be able to use these universal laws. Finally, this post suggests that perhaps the LoA is the same as gravity and believing that some people deserve good things over others is pointless!

“(The Law of Attraction) does not discriminate nor does it reward dependent on who you are or what you’ve done. Believing that you deserve positivity and happiness in your life more than someone else is like throwing a criminal and a priest off a building and expecting the criminal to plummet to his death but the priest to be miraculously saved.” Read More


8. Duality: The Danger of Choice

This blog explores what it does to you mentally if you don’t follow your dreams and instead settle for a mundane job when your soul craves more. This piece is based on the quote by Robert Brault:

“We are kept from our path not by obstacles but by a clearer path to a lesser goal.”

Finally, this piece references research that shows that having choice can actually make us anxious, depressed and breed regret.

I’m in a bad relationship. An acrid, toxic affair of pain and puppetry. Every day, I’m made to endure things I hate, as I sit trapped and numb, shackled by pretense and perception. In this involuntary dance, I am the follower, forced to keep in step with my arrogant lead, dancing predictable steps in a rage induced routine. This relationship must end. It’s time to break up with my false self. Read More

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