Never in our history has it been so easy for brands to market themselves to large, global audiences. Social media now allows us to reach specific and relevant audiences around the world. Our brand no longer lives and dies within the confines of brick and mortar. Instead, it lives eternally in ones and zeros on the digital landscape.

This is why it’s key to get your social media strategy right and build audiences that you can convert into customers. Road Less Travelled specialise in social bringing a unique blend our core skills that are essential for building campaigns. They are:

  • Content Writing
  • Photography & Video
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Analysis


We specialise in creating unique and engaging content that sings from your brand’s song sheet and rings with authenticity.

Photography & Video

Studies have proven that people engage 80% more with rich media than just text or still images. Let us create beautiful media that will stop people scrolling and get them watching your message. Forget stock images and cliched media. We will produce 100% original creative for your brand.

Marketing Strategy

You can produce the best content in the world but essentially, that means nothing if the right people can’t find it. We build our campaigns on a fundamental understanding of psychology and user/customer behaviour. We know how to design successful campaigns targeted to relevant audiences that deliver a massive return on investment.


We are experts in using tools and strategies to analyse the performance of social campaigns in order to refine them for even better results. The digital landscape is constantly evolving and we are experts in interpreting data and industry trends to keep ourselves at the forefront of cutting-edge social media marketing.

Contact us now to discuss your social media needs.