Italy is a romantic and magical place oozing with history, culture, food and wine. I originally went to Italy in 2003 as part of a student exchange program for 2 months. This year, almost 10 years later, I returned. My initial memories of Italy were almost dream-like and upon reflection, surely too good to be true. Perhaps the experience 10 years ago was heightened by a youthful combination of meeting friends and being away from home the first time and not simply the magic of Italy itself.

Well after spending time there in September I have to say that it is even better than I remembered. My experiences this trip were like vivid lucid dreams as I wandered through the ancient piazzas stopping for pizza, vino rosso and every other Italian cliché you can imagine. It truly is a place like no other and it has me hooked… I long to go back. Here you will find what I consider the ‘best’ of my photo series which encompasses; Roma, Firenze and Polignano a Mare. Enjoy

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