Contribute to Road Less Travelled

Are you a unique, creative and engaging writer? Do you have something interesting and thought-provoking to say or share? Do you feel that your piece would compliment Road Less Travelled and suit our audience? Well… Why not contribute a guest post?

If your article is accepted, it will be published on and promoted on all Road Less Travelled social media channels. Your work will be credited back to you with a link to your own site if you have one.

Before submitting your work, please read some of the existing articles and posts on Road Less Travelled to get a feel for the style, topics and voice used across the site. Then, read the guidelines below and if you feel your piece fits, simply submit your work by sending an email here.

For more information on the author of Road Less Travelled, Ben Farrell, visit the Work With Me page.

Guest Post Guidelines

  • Content must be your own original work.
  • Must be unique, engaging, irreverent and relevant.
  • Preferred topics:
    • Travel
    • Culture
    • Philosophy
    • Psychology
  • Must be written from your own experience in first person. Should use conversational language with contractions (I’ll, we’ll, you’ll etc.)
  • Must not be published on any other sites except for your own blog if you have one.
  • Any external links must be relevant to the topic and enhance the piece, not used just for promotional purposes.
  • Any images must be original or you must own the copyright. Images should be unique and not look like ‘stock photos’. If you don’t have images then you must give Road Less Travelled permission to insert relevant images into your piece.
  • Be personal and show your feelings. The piece must include enough self-disclosure so that your message resonates with the reader.