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BEN FARRELL is a professional writer and photographer. Ben’s diverse and extensive life experience, coupled with an unquenchable thirst and yearning to understand the world, creates writing and imagery that is engaging, thought-provoking and unique. Ben is the sole author of Road Less Travelled, which received well over half a million views last year (2015)  from a diverse and engaged audience. Ben also has thousands of followers on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Ben Farrell has been featured in numerous international travel, news & lifestyle publications around the globe.

Ben appreciates the beauty of language and the way words can evoke emotion, feeling and awe. This comes across in his writing through vivid symbolism, creative imagery and the ability to drag the reader into the middle of any scene with him. Ben doesn’t speak in animated GIFs or #hashtags but instead brings the craft or writing to the internet in a landscape where audiences need entertaining, easily digestible and quality content.

Ben Farrell
Ben Farrell – Self Portrait

Ben is also a professional photographer specialising in travel photography, landscapes, cityscapes and cultural images. Ben has an exquisite eye for lighting, composition and colour, always creating stunning images that leap off the page. It is this combination of quality photography and creative writing that make Road Less Travelled so unique, providing readers with a truly immersive experience.

Featurd-InBen has been published in many local and international travel and lifestyle publications and regularly contributes to several magazines, e-zines, print publications and websites.

Ben also has bachelor degrees in the arts and psychology as well as an extensive professional corporate history. Ben has worked with some of the biggest multi-national organisations on the planet. This experience manifests in Ben’s writing, especially when he tackles topics such as workplace culture, motivation, and human behaviour.

Ben authors and produces several other websites such as Imagespeak Photography and Expat Central Philippines which also contain only original copy and images by Ben Farrell.


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