Airport Bubble

I’m back at the airport, having my traditional overpriced airport beer. It’s early but that doesn’t matter. I’ve entered the glass doors, passed through customs and fought my way past the promo girls with their free tantalizing samples in duty free and have now made my way to my usual bar seat.

It’s funny how airports are like another world. Once you pass through the big doors labled ‘passengers only’ you pass through a portal into a bubble where time doesn’t exist, except for the purpose of boarding your flight, prices of refreshments are inflated but accepted, and already you feel as though you’re miles from home. Sitting here it’s already strange to think that I’m actually still in Sydney. That jsut outside is the familiar M5 Motorway and Foreshore Road, for the Journey begins once your passport is stamped and the first beer is sipped.

I board in an hour and in 24 hours I’ll be in Rome . Hasn’t quite hit me yet but I’m sure it will soon… Can’t wait!


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