Arrivederci Roma

So, I’m off to Florence today to spend the next three nights there. Last night was my last night in Rome and probably one of the best. Once again I wandered the alleyways, turning here and there not quite knowing where I was going until a giant spire protruding above the skyline caught my eye. It looked well-lit, possibly a piazza so I headed towards it.

When I got there ¬†found a beautiful old church and a giant set of steps that led a long way down into the main piazza below. I immediately recognised this scene, and realised I was at the Spanish Steps. The atmosphere was fantastic. Lot’s of people sitting on the steps, licking gelati, drinking wine, talking with each other overlooking the warmly lit piazza below.

I headed down the steps looking for somewhere to eat. I wanted the perfect Rome food experience. Something clich√©d, something al fresco with funny little tables… And well I found it. Alongside the side of the piazza was a little restaurant with the typical white square umbrellas with ‘Pizza’ written on them and a fenced off outdoor dining area (complete with flower pots attached to the fence), so I wandered over and asked for “un tavola per uno” (table for 1… Depressing I know).

My cliched pizza place… Best PIZZA ever!

I ordered a ‘Diavola’ pizza with hot salami and it was the BEST pizza of my life. It still amazes me how the food here is so simple, yet has so much more flavour than food back home. Complete with my own little bottle of olive oil piccante (with chillies) I sat there munching my pizza overlooking the piazza.

So now I have to find my way to Florence by train and look forward to more food, wine and sightseeing adventures.

Here is a gallery of small collection of my pictures from Rome.

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