Back to the shadowland

I don’t know what to say. What to write.

This trip, the experiences in Italy, I feel this must be a blog to end all blogs, a grand finale, a closure to the series. In an attempt not to disappoint, I’ll keep this short because I’m lost for words as reality dawns and my mind no longer inspired nor clear… I’m still very much in London , sitting at the St James Tavern, just off Piccadilly Square, about to try my first English Fish and Chips. It advertises ‘Good Honest Food’ which is something that’s hard to come by these days. In the age of Tapas, Fusion and endlessly reality TV cooking shows where food is over-analysed and critiqued to absurd levels, it’s nice to be somewhere that doesn’t try to be anything more than it is… A good cheap pub.

However, whilst I sit here, in spirit I’ve already left. I’ve tightly rolled up all my clothes in my suitcase, packed up my gadgets, laid out my clothes to wear on the plane, and now I’m just buying time. Mentally checked out and beginning to think of home. Just as I began writing from Sydney airport, commenting that once you arrive at the airport you feel as though you’ve already left… Unfortunately the same goes for the return journey.

Back to the shadowland I go, with it’s cheap copies and naïve culture. A culture that throws tantrums and storms out of rooms when it doesn’t understand. Like a naïve youth, it is self-righteous and proud, but without quite knowing why. Storms in teacups a common phenomenon in the Down Under climate.

Having said that, Whilst, in my opinion, Australia lacks a sense of identity, and a culture to which we truly feel we can identify with, it makes up for in natural beauty. I do look forward to getting home and looking out over Pittwater harbour twinkling in the sun as my imitation Big Ben clock chimes the westminster tune out through my small living room. My photos from this trip will cycle through on my screen saver back at the office, reminding me of another world where I once was, one with divine forms.

Gallery of my last day in London – Around Buckingham Palace:

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