Ready for the Next Adventure: Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam

I’m getting ready for the next adventure:

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I’m leaving this Saturday! Brisbane via Singapore to Bangkok where I’ll spend a few nights basing myself out of the bustling backpacker mecca of Kho San Road amongst neon lights, pop-up bars, colourful tuk tuks and the smell of Pad Thai from the Street Vendors. This is the first trip in a while that hasn’t been a business trip and I’m looking forward to filling in my immigration departure card and ticking the ‘Holiday’ box for once!

After Bangkok, I’ll then take the long train journey down south, hugging the bay of Thailand to Surat Thani. Here I’ll be picked up by boat which will ferry me to a seven-day meditation retreat in the mountain jungles of Kho Samui. No contact for seven days. No Facebook, no phones, no tablets, no talking… Should be an interesting experience and a first for me!

Once rejuvenated I’ll head back up to Bangkok to meet my wife Jenny and, after taking in the local Bangkok markets, we’ll board another train for the Cambodian border. Once there, we’ll be heading through Cambodia exploring Siem Reap and the Angkor temples before taking a cruise down the famous and picturesque Mekong River to Phnong Phen. After Phnong Phen we will hop the border in to Vietnam to explore Saigon and surrounds.

Looking forward to some great South East Asian food and clearing my mind! Make sure you follow Road Less Travelled to follow our adventures!

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3 Replies to “Ready for the Next Adventure: Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam”

  1. Hi im planing to go from siem reap to phnom pehn how many hours will it take and what mode of transportation should i use? Thank u!

    1. Hi There! Thanks for reading! We got the bus from Siem Reap to Phnom Pehn with ‘Giant Ibis’. They have fairly new buses that are comfortable, they drive moderately and they have free WIFI on board which works about 60% of the time! They live Siem Reap 3 times a day and the trip takes about 6 hours! I would recommend them! Safe travels & take care, Ben.

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