Goodbye Thailand

The time has come to leave Thailand. I’m at Mo Chit bus terminal in Bangkok and we’re about to start our overland crossing in to Cambodia. The bus will take us to the Cambodia/Thailand border where we’ll be stamped out of Thailand before walking over the boarder to Poipet and be stamped in to Cambodia. After this the bus will take us to Siem Reap where we’ll spend some time exploring the Angkor temples. I’ve read a lot online about the overland crossing to Cambodia and it sounds like a nightmare of a process full of scams, bribes, bureaucracy and confusion. Let’s hope it goes smoothly! Cambodia here we come!



2 Replies to “Goodbye Thailand”

    1. Thanks earthlingdaughter! It’s been an amazing trip so far! I’ll be posting lots of information and stories from Cambodia and Vietnam. We had an amazing day at the Angkor Temples! Definitely one of the highlights of the trip! 🙂

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