8 Signs That You Travel Too Much

Travel changes us. It expands our minds, refreshes our souls and gives us a new perspective on life. However, it can also cause us to exhibit some weird behaviours. Here is an example of 8 strange things that happen when you travel a lot.

  1. You get excited over power outlets

You feel a wave of happiness come over you when you see power sockets, ogling them as a precious commodity in bars, restaurants or public transport. You then chose your seating plan based on their proximity before plugging in all your accessories.

20150607_110108 (2)

2. Your choice of restaurants, bars and cafes is decided based on WIFI availability

You can spot a WIFI logo stuck to a window from across the road! You almost get run over as you develop tunnel vision and cross the chaotic foreign street heading straight for your new-found WIFI oasis. You sit down, unfold your laptop and ask for the WIFI password before even looking at a menu.

3. You develop selective hearing

Your hearing evolves and suddenly you no longer hear or respond to the following phrases:

– “Tuk Tuk Sir?”
– “Taxi?”
– “Suit Sir?”
– “Where you go?”
– “Hello… Hello” – shouted randomly for the only purpose of getting – your attention.
“Where you from?” – when used randomly as a way to trap you into a conversation which leads to selling something.
– “(insert attraction name here) is closed today” – usually because of a fictional holiday such as ‘Buddha Day’ where they will instead offer to take you to a shop where they get a commission.

4. You can’t see your arm through all your wristbands

You have far too many wristbands to the point where you’re draped in leather strings and colourful threads. All of which get caught in food as you reach across a table!


Yes I’m guilty… These are my wristbands from my last SE Asia trip

5. You develop creative ways to do laundry

These may include:

  • Swimming in shorts, underwear etc (it’s like a washing machine… It involves water right?)
  • You buy a cheap t-shirt at a market instead of washing one
  • You develop the “I only wore it for half a day really” mentality, and if this gets extreme you just don’t wear a shirt (mainly for guys).

6. You develop device and social media problems

You take the same photo with multiple devices… Should I use the GoPro here? Or the DSLR? I can’t upload to Instagram with my GoPro or SLR so maybe I’ll just use my phone? Ok, one sunset shot with the GoPro, a good quality shot with my DSLR and one on the iPhone to put straight on Insta!

7. You embrace motion sickness as part of your daily routine

Getting in vehicles in foreign countries can be just awful. The style of driving (or lack thereof), the chaotic traffic and the 3 vodka buckets you drank the night before all combine to create a queasy, seedy feeling with any motion! Your pack probably already includes anti-sick travel medicine and you munch on them like Tic Tacs.

Enjoying the chaos of a Tuk Tuk ride in Bangkok

8. You wear outfits that you’d NEVER wear at home

You know you do it… Those fisherman pants are just SO comfortable! That ridiculous hat just seems to make sense and those sandals, well, they look practical! That is until you get home and are too ashamed to ever wear them in your home country!

Does anyone even know how to tie those Fisherman pants?

Have anything to add? What behaviours do you exhibit when you travel too much? Use the comment section below to add your thoughts!

6 Replies to “8 Signs That You Travel Too Much”

    1. So true! I always do that… Even for a while after I get home! It’s worse in the middle of the night when it’s dark and you think “where the hell am I again?”

  1. Those sounds like good problems to have. I would love to travel more! In years past, most of my travel was done via roadtripping, which allowed for a lot of on the go sightseeing. Good times because we got to see several American landmarks. Great post!

  2. You know you have been travelling for awhile when you shower with your clothes on to do your laundry… saves time and mess! 🙂 And I have had very selective hearing since I began to travel. That is so so so true! And my daughter has enough wrist bands to start up a store of her own. Loved this post 🙂

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