Mini Gallery: Scenes of London

I’m in London and that’s very obvious to me. Out my door are black London cabs, double-decker red busses, sings for the ‘Under Ground’ and basically every real life version of the tourist souvenir nick-knacks we consider to represent London.

I feel like I’m living in a game of Monopoly. My walk to the office involves walking through Leicester Square, then Trafalgar Square, then down The Strand, and along Flint Street and Cannon Street… Famous and expensive Monopoly real-estate – note: plastic money not accepted.

Every corner there’s a pub, so it’s my sort of place. Each pub is very ‘English’ with it’s dark wooden moody interiors and small windows. Each one oozing with patrons spilling out on to the footpath with their pints of Larger. Below is a mini gallery of scenes of London.

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      1. I am determined to get there one day for sure! So much history and such sights to see! Hope you enjoy being there!

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