Coming soon… Road Less Travelled Podcasts

Do you prefer to listen rather than read? Maybe you like both? Perhaps it depends on the environment you find yourself in? Audio is easy to listen to on a crowded train, yet there’s something nice about having a good read with a coffee on a warm, relaxed Saturday morning.

In this age of digital stimuli overload, most people need multiple mediums to stay engaged with content. Our desire to interact with content is becoming stronger and at times, rudimentary words on a page can leave us feeling disengaged. Sometimes, the subject matter lends itself to a dynamic medium and requires more than just words on a page and still images. Some content requires visual imagery, while other topicsĀ areĀ more suited to audio commentary and well, some things are just meant for good old-fashioned writing for you to digest at your own pace.

With this in mind, I’m pleased to announce that I am launching Road Less Travelled Podcasts! Now you can listen to audio commentary, discussion and interviews on Road Less Travelled topics!

Stay tuned this weekend for our first Podcast and happy listening!



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