San Francisco as seen through an iPhone

For those regular visitors here, you’ll know that I can usually be found trudging the streets of some foreign city with my Nikon DSLR in hand, looking to capture the world as best as I can. This makes sense. It is of course, what photographers tend to do.

However, sometimes it can feel as if you’re trying a bit too hard. Carrying around a chunky camera with a kit of lenses in your bag is all a bit proactive and allows you to fall into the trap of shooting something just because you’ve carried your camera all this way and spent alot of money on fancy lenses. The pressure of all of this makes you feel like you have to go and ‘shoot’ something amazing! It’s all a bit desperate.

So for something different, I’ve put together a collection of my iPhone only images of San Franciso. There’s something about using a smartphone that allows for subtlety. Photography suddenly becomes a natural, passive experience as you discreetly capture the details of moments that encapsulate the essence of the scene you find yourself in… It’s an intuitive and reactive way to document the mood and feel of a place. These are moments that would probably be ruinedĀ if you pulled out an SLR and started framing the ‘scene’ in an exaggerated fashion.

So, here are my scenes of San Francisco as captured with my iPhone with only minor edits done in-app on iOS.