Expat Diary Day 5

We’ve arrived in the Manila after landing in a typhoon in quintessential Philippines style!

Just starting to get used to my new local commute to our supermarket in a trike! It’s often the small things that highlight the differences in culture.

The traffic in Manila is horrendous, particularly when it’s raining, so it’s much quicker jumping in a noisy, rattling, buzzing silver trike to weave through the congestion!

Off to a local market in Baclaran today to find ourselves a Christmas tree and some Christmas lights to start getting in to the festive season! Although the carols and hymns that waft up from the church below our condo each night as well as the young kids who knock on our door ‘carolling’ are definitely adding to the Christmas feel.

Each night I gaze off our balcony out to the streets below as they twinkle and flash with their elaborate displays of Christmas lights!

6 days to go!


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