Best of Polignano a Mare, Southern Italy: Photo Gallery

When people think about quintessential, Italian coastal towns, usually the Amalfi Coast or the Cinque Terra come to mind. These are all beautiful places but… Let me tell you about a place… A town off the beaten track, free from crowds of tourists and oozing as much charm and character as its better-known coastal counterparts. Let me tell you about Polignano a Mare.

Polignano a Mare sits on Italy’s heel on the Adriatic sea. It’s an ancient, medieval fishing village perched dramatically on rocky cliffs that overhang bright blue ocean. Streets are filled with charm as rusted balconies frame colourful wooden shutters and flower boxes. Old women meander the streets, and locals sit and chat in beautiful piazzas under the watchful gaze of ancient bell towers that ring out through the town. All of this to the incredible backdrop of the vivid azure ocean that swirls and crashes at the foot of the town.

It really is one of those places that’s so beautiful, you forget that people actually live here. At night the maze of ancient cobblestone alleyways glow with a warm orange light adding to the character and mood, making you feel as though you’ve just walked in to the set of ‘Cinema Paridiso’.

Below I’ve put together a gallery of my top 20 photos from Polignano. Images that I feel capture the mood, atmosphere and spirit of this incredible place!

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