The Philosophy of Travelling: Setting the Right Frame of Mind for Adventure

By now, we’ve probably seen, heard, and read more ideas about travelling than ever before. It’s also safe to say we live in a world where more and more people put a premium on this somewhat life-changing aspect. Whether short trips or month-long vacation tours, backpacking adventures or relocating in general, travelling invokes a one-of-a-kind sense of fulfilment and satisfaction. On the other hand, some folks are still on the fence and worry about the overall requirements, not to mention the costs, associated with this lifestyle.

There’s this common misconception that seeing the earth’s most beautiful places and eating its tastiest dishes are exclusive for billionaires, millionaires, and even lottery winners. Lottoland, a website that features up-to-the-minute results from different parts of the world, even has an article describing the top luxury destinations across the globe. Let’s quash this false belief once and for all and put it this way, travelling and this so-called moving-out-from-our-comfort-zone doesn’t necessarily entail spending our life savings altogether. Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of knowledge, the right mindset, and decent amount of courage.

First things first, this article is neither about the how to’s, the where to’s, nor the what to’s of travelling, but, rather, it’s about setting the right frame of mind. By dispelling all the notions involving funds, we’re already taking the first step toward our next exciting adventure. Yes, no matter which way we look at it, money, both making and spending, is important. However, if we just focus on these roadblocks, instead of making something positive happen, then we won’t go anywhere.

Small things and slight lifestyle changes – varying from giving up a Starbucks visits to understanding specific life skills to placing importance on savings – can make a huge difference to our end goal. In other words, altering our habits will lead to affirmative changes, which will eventually head on to greater, groundbreaking things in the future.

If you, however, plan to relocate and/or backpack for a couple of months, know that there are plenty of earning opportunities such as being a tour guide, an English teacher, as well as a bunch of part-time online jobs. Basically, regardless of the type of traveller, the world offers a lot of opportunities for financial sustainability and emotional growth. So now’s the perfect time, take the first step, set your mind right, and ultimately savour all the benefits of travelling.

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