55+ Weekend Getaways from Mumbai – Infographic

Mumbai is one of the most eclectic cities in India, perhaps the world. The former Bombay is a traveller’s delight. Aside from the being an enchanting city, it’s also surrounded by some of the most interesting and awe-inspiring places you could visit. This city that never sleeps, has an intriguing number of historical sites, picturesque hill stations, off-beat destinations, along with beautiful beaches and adventure destinations.

It offers everything from visiting various historical forts to taking in a tour of the Ajanta and Ellora caves. Travel to the breathtaking hill stations, go sight-seeing, visit a wildlife sanctuary or indulge in adventure activities. There’s simply no limit of exciting places and wonders that you can see in the surrounds of Mumbai.

The best part is, since most of these neighbouring places are just a short drive away from Mumbai, they make awesome weekend getaways for all travel enthusiasts and adventurers.

Now, if you are planning a trip to Mumbai, but are unsure of which are the best places to visit near the city, then take a look at this impressive infographic that has listed down the top 55+ destinations near Mumbai that are ideal for a quick weekend getaway!

Accompanied with this infographic comes a detailed guide that provides information about each location along with important details such as the best time to visit, places to see, activities you could indulge in and more.

So, make the most out of it and start your adventure now!

55+ Weekend Getaways from Mumbai [Infographic] by the team at ZaraHutke.in


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