Ocean Dusk: Gallery

The Northern Beaches in Sydney is my favourite place on this earth. The smell of sea air as ocean mist wafts up from the beach is unique. It blends with warm summer breeze as it dances in salty air to the soundtrack of pounding waves on yellow sand.

The Australian seaside is a beautiful place however, there’s one time… A magical moment in a day where the beach takes on a warm, benevolent light. A peaceful time to walk along the fizzing shoreline as whitewash sinks into the damp sand beneath your toes. Dusk and dawn are when these moments manifest, creating incredible colours as the ocean blends into the sky.

Below is a mini gallery of images taken at beaches along Australia’s South East coast. Photos that I feel, capture the essence of a beach dusk… That moment when you can just sit, watching the deep green waves roll in as the sun sets, leaving only the sound of crashing waves against the darkness.

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