The Dramatic Contrast of Manila: Drone Video

Manila is a classic blend of old and new, rich and poor. Luxury condos and houses stand among shanty towns with their improvised tin roofs and colourful concrete walls. Local kids swim and play in the dirty brown viaducts next to resort-like complexes housing swimming pools and cabanas.

Like a lot of cities in rapidly developing countries, Manila is a real mish-mash stuck together by the glue of smiles, faith and a positive attitude to get on with life.

Here’s my first drone video captured above a luxury estate in Metro Manila. However, outside its walls lie shanty towns and small concrete houses with rusty corrugated iron roofs that fight the relentless sun, typhoons and monsoon rains every year.

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  1. Kudos for creating a drone video showing a spectacular view of Manila. Well, not really all spectacular since it also revealed the not so beautiful side of the Philippine capital — the slums.

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