Golden Gate Bridge: Mini Gallery

It’s always a special moment when you see a famous landmark. To stand in front of something you’ve grown so familiar with on TV shows and in movies but never seen in real life is a surreal experience. Growing up in Australia, I was bombarded by American TV and movies. The Golden Gate Bridge became as familiar as my ‘own’ Sydney Harbour Bridge. I remember watching the cheesy TV comedy ‘Full House’ about a family who lived on one of San Francisco’s ridiculously sloping streets. The opening credits included a fly over of the Golden Gate on a clear summer day to an upbeat family friendly tune.

It wasn’t until years later that I got to see her in person and walk under her shy giant beams, peering out of a dense San Francisco Bay fog. She’s beautifully art deco in person and walking her giant span across the bay is a magical experience. After all these years, it’s an experience that I really wanted to embrace and absorb so, on this trip, I didn’t even take my camera. The below photos are my favourite iPhone photos taken whilst walking across the incredible Golden Gate Bridge.