The 12 Most Amazing Train Journeys in the World

Life Changing Train Journeys

Rail journeys are special. There’s something historic and mystical about sliding over steel rails with the cadenced click and clack of sleepers beneath. You can’t help but smile as you squeal and hiss around tight beds that wind and carve up beautiful, mountainous landscapes before descending and slicing through flat plains of desert with razor sharp horizons. Train travel is a deep part of our history and offers dramatic scenery and a unique ambience compared to air or sea travel.

There’s something beautiful about a classic silver shackled locomotive that pulls you over mountains, across canyons and through deserts, weaving serpent-like through desolate areas where two steel rails bolted to wood are the only sign of civilisation.

You sit as you drink a cool white wine in the buffet car, sipping, and sliding through dense landscapes that speak to you through wide window panoramas. Windows that stretch beyond the small oval aeroplane windows that deliver only distant, hazy and miniature landscapes that seem void of character.

Forget the dull hum and dry air of a pressurised cabin and instead, sit back and let the rhythmic clickety-clack be your journey’s soundtrack as you pass through towns, villages and incredible countries.

Now, there are some phenomenal train journeys in the world. Journeys famous for dramatic landscapes. Trains that cross borders, continents and countries…. journeys that speak to your soul and can change your outlook on life.

Here are 12 of the most amazing train journeys in the world:

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