Glass House Mountains

The tall rock monoliths that form the ancient Glass House Mountains abruptly dominate the hinterland landscape of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Formed millions of years ago from volcanic activity, these sheer cliff faces are awe-inspiring and a little eerie. It really feels like a sacred place as you explore forest trails, all the while being watched over by these giant volcanic peaks.

At the base of these giants are acres of forestation with symmetrical pine trees forming endless rows of wooded forest and a dark undergrowth. Dirt roads and trails cut through the park, slicing it into uneven pieces and making it quite easy to lose your way in what feels like a different world, a million miles from civilisation.

The below footage and photos were taken near Mount Tibrogargan and from the Glass House Mountains Lookout just out of the small town of Beerwah. The park is easily accessible from the Sunshine Coast and provides a mystical day trip out of Brisbane.

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  1. Nice post !! You can’t just fill the whole terrain with trees regardless of any other consideration. Carpet-foresting would be an ecological disaster, IMO. Better to extend existing woodland and try to create the local habitats that will encourage native trees to thrive.

    Thank you for sharing this post !!

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