Travel Photo of the Day: Australian Outback

Desert Decay

A Salvador Dali-esque dead tree lays silent, fallen and decaying in solitude in the relentless Australian Outback.

I took this photo in ‘Mungo National Park’ in Outback New South Wales, Australia. For stories and my photo gallery on this outback adventure; click here to read about our journey into the middle of nowhere.

The map shows inland lakes, however these no longer exist as the dry thirsty earth in this region drank them hundreds of years ago and any water now lays buried deep under the barren, drought-ridden desert.

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2 Replies to “Travel Photo of the Day: Australian Outback”

    1. Thanks for the feedback Jon – much appreciated! I tell you, they didn’t always look like this! For me it’s just about patience; setting up, experimenting with exposure settings and then just waiting for the perfect light, which usually only lasts a couple of minutes! Thanks again for viewing & Take Care!

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