Travel Photo of the Day: London Underground Calling

Underground Calling

A London business man’s pauses briefly atop the stairs that descend in to the subterranean ageing London tube network to take a call before heading underground

This image was (obviously) taken in London. To me it’s just so iconic of everything I, as an Australian, understood London to be. Navigating the streets I felt as if I was walking in a giant Monopoly Board Game with such familiar, yet foreign names. However I had somewhat an epiphany in London. I arrived in the UK after 2 weeks in Italy and the ancient culture overcame me. I feel as if, Plato came to me in a dream and I wrote how I felt I finally understood his famous cave analogy of Divine forms.

So, today I’m re-blogging my post from London – ‘Leaving the Cave and Facing the Fire’ (click to read) – a short but, for me, emotional post about what I felt travelling Europe with its deep history that’s was so foreign to me.