Best of Blog: The Very Best of Road Less Travelled

It’s been a nostalgic weekend going through my writing and photographs over the last year. Delving through my old, musty WordPress archives has been quite cathartic.

Together, as an online community, we’ve explored amazing places from around the world! However, in looking back at the top viewed posts, I realise that we have done so much more than just that. We’ve talked psychology, philosophy, quantum physics, neuroscience, depression, anxiety, workplace culture and near-death experiences… We’ve even hypothesised what it would be like to switch off your left brain! …. What a year!

After looking at my website traffic over the last year, I’ve put together the TOP 10 Posts as decided by you! Please take a moment to check it out and maybe have a read of anything you’ve missed. The topics are diverse, the content thought-provoking, inspiring, depressing, uplifting and at times even controversial. However if, after all this, I’ve managed to stir something within you, then I feel I’ve done my job and I thank you for the opportunity!

Thank you so much to all my loyal subscribers and readers!

Take Care,


Ben Farrell - Road Less Travelled

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