Twisting and Weaving Together

noun: lattice; plural noun: lattices
a structure consisting of strips of wood or metal crossed and fastened together with square or diamond-shaped spaces left between, used as a screen or fence or as a support for climbing plants.


You are my garden lattice.

I am your vine that uses your support to grow, climb and cling to.

You are constant in your rigidity for me.

I twist, weave and bend around you with improvised uncertainty as you hold strong.

You are more than my rock, more than a rudimentary garden stake that stands with one-directional arrogance.

You offer an interweaving world of flexibility and strength, supporting the multiple paths we weave together.

Sometimes I wither, sometimes I flower ever affected by climate and environment.

But you are there, whatever rung I cling to.

Whatever season it is.

Without you I would flop in a sad, melting dali-esque nature.

Cascading limp to ground from an old garden pot without purpose.

Left to rot and compost in the shade without the strength to climb toward the warmth of a spring sun.

You are my strength, my framework, my constant in my world of twisting and turning, withering and blossoming.


Dedicated to my wife, Jenny.



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