Digital Marketing

The world of digital has opened up audiences and given brands unprecedented exposure to their lives. Whether it be in a Facebook feed, Google result or web page banner the truth is… digital is everywhere.

While this is a great advantage for marketers it’s also now an incredibly competitive landscape. A volatile┬ástage where brands battle it out over keywords and campaigns.

How do you stand out amongst the digital noise? It’s simple… you take the road less travelled.

We produce content and campaigns that are so unique, creative and clever they will have you leaving your competitors drowning in the digital sea of irrelevance. You see, we’re not just marketers who design brilliant strategy, we’re also creative content writers, photographers, customer and user experience gurus and analysts. When you blend all these skills together you get an entire 360-degree marketing skillset. Why hire 4 people when we can do it all?

Road Less Travelled is founded by Ben Farrell; a digital marketer with extensive experience in running highly successful marketing campaigns that deliver a measurable, positive return on investment. All campaigns blend deep-rooted skills in SEO, SEM and social media to drive engagement for brands large and small.

In a sentence, we are digital storytellers who create incredible content that builds audiences, grows online communities and drives traffic.

Are you ready to take the Road Less Travelled?